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Clever Copy

Clever Copy is a free, fully scalable web site portal and news posting system. You can run it as a very simple blog or ramp it up to a full Content Management System. It is easy to setup, use and maintain requiring no previous knowledge of web portals, blogs, php, Cms\'s or databases. It uses a self optomizing database meaning that it always runs as fast as possible and works extremely well in a high traffic environment. It has been designed with the following in mind - first time users, experienced users, long term users.

What does it do? Because it\'s a dynamic site, anything you want it to, it\'s only limited by your own imagination. If you\'re not sure about how to run a CMS, set it up as a blog first and then expand it later. Use it as a news posting site, a blog, a clan site, an informational site or a fun site - it\'s entirely up to you. With full instructions on use built in to the admin panel, whatever you have in mind you can do it with Clever Copy.

Website :

Merits and Demerits

PLUS: Forum, Very good Session Management, Themes and Skins, Assets Management MINUS : Lack of WYSIWYG Editor.