CivicSpace CMS


CivicSpace is a community organizing platform. It allows you to build communities online and offline that can communicate effectively.

CivicSpace is being built with the needs of distributed organizations in mind. It will give you and the supporters within your community a solid framework for organizing and engaging those around you in action and allows you to plug your community into a network of other communities where you can share your ideas, knowledge, relationships, and organizational information. CivicSpace includes tools for managing content on your website, organizing events, and organizing membership with CiviCRM, a fully integrated Constituent Relationship Management system.

CivicSpace has a flexible and powerful CMS capable of running all kinds of websites. It comes with a WYSIWIG editor and it is extremely simple to learn how to update and submit content on your site. A selection of sample themes are included with CivicSpace and the theming system gives you complete control over the appearance and layout of your website
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Merits and Demerits

PLUS: Unlimited Rules and Groups can be created.
MINUS :Image upload and resizing not available.